Sunday, July 12, 2015

Just wheezing the juice, buuuuuudy!

After recently watching one of Pauly Shore's better movies and having a brief discussion via Facebook regarding his work, I've decided to make the first real post about the top five movies he put out in his hay day, which was, of course, the early to mid-90's. Here we go:

5. Bio-dome

This was one of Shore's last decent movies. The premise is that he and his friend, played by one of the various Baldwin brothers, get dumped by their ladies beacause they're neither environmentally conscious or responsible. Because that's actually a pretty common reason for relationships to end. Needing to take a whiz, they go into what they believe to be a new shopping mall only to find out that they're now locked inside the bio-dome project along with a team of scientists that, of course, have no sense of humor. Since they aren't allowed to leave, the decide to make the best of things and use their dunder headed move to prove to their girlfriends that they are, in fact, the kind of pople the girls wanted them to be.

Of course the premise is just about the most ridiculous thing ever conceived by man, but there's still some fun to this one, even though the cache of Shore's antics and unique way of interacting with other humans was definitely starting to wear on even the most die hard fans - who may or may not have ever existed. Overall, it was really just Pauly Shore desperate for money and capitilzing on a waning popularity among stoners and kids too young to know any better. Still a fun watch to some extent.

4. In the Army Now

Pauly Shore and Andy Dick (for some reason) get fired from their jobs and decided that they  want to make money but have as little responsibility as humanly possible - early forerunner for Kevin Spacey in American Beauty maybe? - so they decide to join the Army Reserve. In a hilarious twist of fate, their reserve unit goes active and gets sent to the Middle East.

This is, sadly, one of the most realistic plots of any of his movies at a very basic level. I'm pretty sure most people that join the Army Reserve do so for pretty much the same reasons. This one was still early enough in Shore's career to still have a little spark left in all the words he used that made little to no sense to anyone but him. I mean who doesn't like to see a couple of slackers save the day by using some kind of dumb ass, half baked scheme they cooked up on the fly. That's how the military works, right?

3. Jury Duty

A male stripper gets kicked out of his mom's trailer and decides that the best option to find a place to stay and find some food is by landing a jury duty gig. This is probably the most believeable role for Mr. Shore. Who wouldn't believe he could be a male stripper?

This one is jind of like 12 Angry Men if 12 Angry Men was super stupid and had Stanley Tucci in it. The breakaway performance here was by Peanut, Pauly Shore's dog. What a rascal he was. He watched Jeopardy. Classic Peanut. Jury Duty also had the lovely Tia Carrere as Shore's female counterpart/love interest, which, in the 90's was almost as good as putting Jenny McCarthy in your movie.

2. Son-in-Law

A down home South Dakota girl decides to branch out and attend school in California where she meets here fun loving RA, a one Pauly Shore. Feeling sorry for him being alone over Thanksgiving break she decides to take him home with her and then uses him as an avoidance technique to keep her hometown boyfriend from proposing.

This is, by far, Pauly Shore's best starring role. The Pauly Shore popularity was definitely at its height here. The fish-out-of-water plot is a little tired, but it still works pretty well because really no one could ever truly picture Pauly Shore trying to work on a farm and this is exactly how I would imagine it would go. It's almost a documentary. My only questions is why the hell anyone on earth would think it would be ok for Crawl to have any kind of responsiblity over a floor of college students. He's not exactly Mr. Responsible. Still a fun movie, and Brendan Fraser's Encino Man cameo is awesome.

1. Encino Man

Two high school losers find a frozen caveman while digging out a pool in their backyards. They thaw him out and craziness ensues.

Ok, so I put this one at #1 for a reason. First of all, it's definitely the best movie Pauly Shore ever made. But more than that, it put Pauly Shore where he belonged: in a secondary role. He was a good sidekick, but put him front an center and it just starts to fall apart. Letting Sean Astin take the lead and Pauly Shore backing him up is what made this movie classic. Sure the plot is stupid as hell, but that's one of those things you just have to overlook for roughly 90 minutes. This is also some of Brendan Fraser's best work, mostly because he doesn't really say anything, just a lot of grunting. Encino Man is where Pauly Shore's nonsense really found a home and it was also his first really big movies. So basically after this, it was all downhill which I think is the very definition of peaking too early.

We love you Pauly Shore! Come back for an Encino Man 2 and your career will be right back on top in no time.

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