Thursday, January 14, 2016

Indie Author Spotlight: Ann Girdharry

When a mysterious woman in a gold dress shows up outside the home of newlyweds Jared and Nalini every day at the same time, their lives are thrown into disarray. But their troubles didn’t start with the woman’s appearance. As vices and flaws are exposed and a messy past is revealed, it just might be Jared and Nalini that will tear their own marriage apart. Will they find solace in their love for each other, or will the woman in the gold dress be their undoing?

Tell Me a Secret was very short. I knocked it out in an hour. Even though it’s very short, Ann Girdharry manages to create a story that is gripping and keeps you reading to the very last page to see how things will play out. I wouldn’t have thought someone could fit so much deceit, betrayal, and death into such a short span, but she does it and she does it very well. The following is a flowchart of my thoughts over the course of this book:

Hmm…interesting > I see where this is going > wait, what? > didn’t see that coming > whoa, flip flopping on me > ok, we can end this amicably > maybe > probably not now > they kind of had that coming to them > damn, that was legit

So yeah, it was short, but a lot of stuff was in those few pages. Loved it.

The best part: you can get the ebook free on Amazon!

Now let’s meet the author!

Ann Girdharry was born and educated in the UK. Her love of reading and writing began early when, age fifteen, she won my first story writing competition. She loves to travel and visit different cultures. As an adult, Ann has lived in the USA, Norway, UK and France. One of her passions is roller blading. Ann belongs to a club and get up every Saturday for our 9.30am club session! When she’s not writing mystery and suspense, you can find Ann in her garden.

Start us off with a Twitter synopsis of the book (140 characters or less):

How well do we know those close to us? - A story about lies and treachery and the worst deception of them all.

Where did the inspiration for Tell Me a Secret come from?

For me, the key element of Tell Me A Secret is the tragedy of self-deception.
In the story, the characters portray their ugliest sides. Yet, there is a tiny spark of light. This spark is ignored - by Nalini, who has little faith even in the idea of hope and by Jared, who blindly continues his old ways. And so they are led to disaster. Yet the light could ultimately have saved them.

This ugliness/speck of light was the core and the characters and story spiralled out from there.

This could easily be made into a full length novel. Why did you decide to keep it short and sweet?

At the time I wrote this, the short story genre suited me very well. In a way, I was searching for a character that I felt so strongly about that I’d be spurred to write about them endlessly

This is the third installment in the Tales of the Unexpected series. Is there a logical order to the books or can a reader pick up anywhere?

Each of the Tales of the Unexpected series are stand alone stories, so you can read them in any order.

There are a number of other Tales of the Unexpected you’ve written. Which is your favorite?

I like all of them in different ways!

Who are you biggest writing influences?

In mystery and suspense I enjoy and admire Sophie Hannah but I read widely and across various genres. At the moment, I’ve just finished a John Connelly, Every Dead Thing – it’s very dark – I don’t think I could go as noir as that. And I’m near the end of The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah which is a wonderful portrayal of life and tragedy in war-time France.

Of the three characters in this story, who was your favorite to write?

I suppose if you really make me choose then I’d go for Nalini. The thing I like most about her is that she tried to change

What can we expect next from Ann Girdharry?

I’m really glad you asked because it’s where all my time and energy are going at the moment!

I have a new character to write about. Her name is Kal Medi and she’s twenty-eight. She’s a new type of heroine.

My first mystery, suspense novel about Kal Medi is complete and will soon be published – (Kal Medi #1)

In the story, Kal’s journalist mother goes missing and Kal launches herself into the investigation. She will discover a crime network involving London’s elite, and will travel to India where she goes undercover to gather evidence. Echoes from the past are replaying in the present. Kal will be forced to the edge and must face her own suspicions about her family in order to discover the truth.

I wouldn’t be anywhere without my readers and fans, so thank you!

(At the moment, there’s a free book offer inside Tell Me A Secret – so hurry !)

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