Monday, January 4, 2016

Indie Author Spotlight: DM Wolfenden

Hear a woman’s harrowing tale of abuse and terror in Carly. Witness a family’s nightmare unfold as skeletons are ripped from the closet in The Box. Feel the desperation as one man struggles against an inner demon with Bernie and the Beast.

Admittedly, I wasn’t sure how I could review Double Trouble because it was just so short, which isn’t all that surprising given the fact that it’s a collection of short stories. However, after reading them, I definitely do have some thoughts. The first of which is: MMMOOORREE! Each of these stories is so short, but they’re so gripping that I kind of got a little mad when they were over. Each could easily be turned into its own full length book. They just have an intensity that pulls you in and puts you on the last page before you even realize you’re getting close. The Box was probably the best of the three, mostly because it was the longest and you got to know the characters a lot more and got into their situation deeper, but none of them were lacking in anything but length. All three stories are very different, but they each tell a great story. Hopefully we’ll get more in the future.

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Now let’s meet the author!

DM Wolfenden works offshore on a semi-submersible oil rig in the North Sea. Author of 3 short stories and one full length novel, her Novel Behind Blue Eyes, was given an honorable mention from readers favorite and won the green star award. She writes dark mysteries and horror. For more about DM Wolfenden, visit her Facebook, Goodreads or Twitter page.

Let’s start with a Twitter synopsis of the book (140 characters or less):

Carly must fight to save her cousin. Two sisters find the truth years after their mother vanished. Bernie sees through the eyes of a beast.

Why did you choose to keep these tales as short stories instead of giving them their own full length novel?

I can so easily get bored when reading a novel that tells you everything from the colour of someone’s underwear to the taste of their lip gloss. That’s the thing I like about keeping stories short, if they are good you want more, and don’t skip any of the details. I hope I achieve that in my short stories.

Was there any personal experience involved with writing these stories?

With my stories being on the dark side there wasn’t any personal experience as such, but James (one of the characters in Carly), was based on a man my sister knew. He detached himself from the abuse he suffered as a child and created an imaginary person that suffered instead.

Who are your biggest writing influences?

My biggest writing influences are Stephen King and James Herbert.

Which was your favorite story in Double Trouble to write?

I loved writing Carly, but I think most people prefer The Box.

What can we expect next from D.M. Wolfenden?

This year I plan on releasing a Zombie Novel, and I'm going to go in a new direction and try a rom/com.

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