Friday, July 29, 2016

The Golden Hourglass: Meet the Crew!

If you haven’t heard yet, The Golden Hourglass is now officially for sale! You can buy a copy on Amazon today and lose yourself in the topsy-turvy world of Cubonia and all the adventures that take place therein.

Now that the book is out, I thought it would be fun to introduce our merry band of misfits and royalty that you’ll meet inside the pages of The Golden Hourglass. As an added bonus, and just because it’s fun, I’ll share my dream cast for each character. If you’d rather form your own vision for each character, stop reading now.

Broderick Porter: The hero (more or less) of this little tale. Broderick is renowned all over Cubonia for being a top notch treasure hunter. He is most certainly not a thief. Having set foot on nearly every continent on Cubonia, Broderick knows more about the peoples, customs, and creatures of the world than possibly anyone else. He’s not particularly quick to help unless he can see the benefit for himself, and he greets most situations with sarcasm. Broderick’s interests include money, treasure, weapons, and sticky buns.

Broderick Dream Cast: Dulé Hill (Psych, The West Wing, Ballers)

Adhemar Stonefeather: Every good story needs a jive talking animal sidekick, right? Well Adhemar fills that role to a T. A member of the proud gryffon race, Adhemar was exiled from his people for reasons yet to be revealed. He and Broderick have been a team for years, their overall attitude about life and love for all things culinary a perfect match. Adhemar thinks primarily of food before anything else and isn’t one for violence unless he’s forced into it. The gryffon picked up his biting wit from all the years spent with Cubonia’s most sarcastic treasure hunter. Adhemar’s interests include sticky buns, sticky buns, and drinking.

Adhemar Dream Cast: James Roday (Psych, Gravy, Christmas Eve)

Princess Alexandra: The youngest child of the royal family with mysterious purple eyes. Alexandra is the often overlooked child of Queen Annelise which is just fine by her. She’s not one for all the royal nonsense. Alexandra’s greatest desire is to leave the royal life behind and travel Cubonia hunting monsters even though she knows it’s not particularly becoming of someone in her position. She’s intelligent, determined, and has a strong sense of right and wrong even if she maybe doesn’t always follow it. Alexandra’s interest include archery, monsters, and definitely not dancing.

Princess Alexandra Dream Cast:  Amandla Stenberg (The Hunger Games, Sleepy Hollow, Lemonade)

Alderman Hubert: Captain of The Royal Watchmen, Elazio’s peace keepers. Originally born in Paragotia. Alderman Hubert is gruff, quick to judge, and fiercely loyal to his queen and country. He worked hard to climb the ranks of The Watchmen, proving his skill in both battle and command. Alderman hates law breakers and has a generally poor opinion of anyone who isn’t proven to be a fine upstanding citizen. His interests include weapons, law and order, and peace and quiet.

Alderman Hubert Dream Cast: Nick Offerman (Parks and Rec, Gilmore Girls, Axe Cop)

The Witch of the Wastes: Our tale’s villain. The Witch of the Wastes is an almost ageless creature that has been twisted and warped by the Darkest of the Dark magic. She resides in the heart of The Wastelands of Time where she controls the flow of time as more of a hobby than anything else. She’s cunning, devious, and just generally unpleasant. While she is one of the greatest sorceresses on Cubonia and a major threat to daily life for all Cubonians, most everyone leaves her be as she doesn’t meddle where she does not feel the need. The Witch of the Wastes’ interests include Dark magic, hobbling about, and musty, tattered robes.

The Witch of the Wastes Dream Cast: Rosario Dawson (Daredevil, Sin City, Kids)

These are only the major players in The Golden Hourglass. Many more characters have a part in this story. Some play a big role, some small, and others are the stars of their own stories. To learn more about Cubonia and all the characters in The Golden Hourglass, buy your copy today!

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