Monday, January 9, 2017

Indie Author Spotlight: Shannon Reber

The people of Avalon think that Emery is a disgrace. They all have access to many forms of magic, but Emery has only one. Or that's what they always believed.

After a brutal war, the new Queen of Avalon sends Emery to the human realm to find the last druid. Emery takes that mission eagerly, certain it's a sign that, unlike everyone else, her mother may have some faith in her. Her mission, to find Liam, the illegitimate son of the former king and bring him back to Avalon is no easy feat. Mercenaries are also searching for him, but the biggest problem for Emery, is the link formed between them when Liam's power touched her.

If you know Shannon Reber, you know what kind of a quirky sense of humor she has. That sense of humor is very evident in Friends and Foes. This book possibly has the largest number of wacky, non-swear insults I’ve ever seen and they constantly made me laugh. I’d never thought I’d see the world butt plug recur so frequently outside of an erotic story. The complete lack of any real swearing could potentially come off as a little childish, but here I thought it was rather charming. Outside of the humor, Shannon has crafted a well told story full of magic, intrigue, betrayal, and Iowa for some reason. Friends and Foes is the first book in a new series, and it’s definitely off to a great start. Anyone who’s a fan of YA fantasy or the word tallywhacker should read this book.

Now let's meet the author!

Shannon Reber was born a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away . . . or her imagination was anyway. She lives in western New York with her husband and a wide variety of both real and imaginary friends who often battle it out for dominance in her head. Who needs yet another normal person in this messed up world? Read her books, or the evil overlord will take control of her mind!

Check out her website, watch the book trailer, and buy the book on Amazon!

First of all, give us a Twitter synopsis of the book (140 characters or less):

Friends and Foes is a fun, clean-ish, fantasy adventure with lovable characters and a touch of mystery/romance/goo.

What was your favorite part of Friends and Foes to write?

I had a blast writing the whole book, but my favorite chapters are the ones that take place at the football game and at the Halloween party. Liam’s sister is based on someone I know (and no, I won’t tell you who that is), so it was fun coming up with snarky things for her and Emery to say to each other. Snark is my favorite language, in case that wasn’t obvious!

Which character do you identify with the most?

Emery. All my life, I’ve been either looked over, or mocked for who and what I am. I get her and am a little like her, in that I speak without thinking and often make a fool out of myself. I just wish there was a way for me to develop a superpower! *Evil laugh.*

Who is your favorite side character and why?

Geir! I adore him! He’s modeled after one of my best friends, who I consider family, just like Emery thinks of Geir. Okay, so my friend has never saved my life, but he DID save my sanity once or twice, so I suppose that’s the same thing.

If you could have any type of Druid magic, what would you choose and why?

LOL, I’d go for the power over the wind. (Stop laughing at me, Ben.) Think of all the ways having power over the wind could make your life easier. You could dust without even touching a cleaning rag, you could make a vortex around anybody who was impolite, you would even make yourself or a car go faster! Yes, I know I’m a huge dork. I can handle that!

You have a lot of titles to your name. Which of your books would you recommend a reader start with if they wanted to get acquainted with your work?

In all honesty, Friends and Foes. Gray (Awakening Book 1) was my favorite for a long time, but F & F surpasses it in my mind. The fun, funny, yet still serious story is what I love, along with the way Liam and Emery react to everything. It’s real, despite the fact it’s a fantasy tale.

Who is your favorite character from any of your many books?

Layna from The Uniters Code series is my ultimate favorite. She’s a tough girl, without being hard and is funny too. I don’t know if it’s obvious, but I love funny, snarky, sarcastic characters…and people.

If Friends and Foes was made into a movie or tv show, what side character would you cast me as?

Probably Finley. I see you as the good friend who could be a good adviser…maybe.

What’s next for Shannon Reber?

Book 2 (Life and Lies) is next, but after The Druid Heirs trilogy is finished, I have two other series to complete and I should probably think about cleaning my house once, or even seeing my friends again. I’ve been so obsessed by writing, it’s gotten hard to stay in touch with them!

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