Appealing Regulations and Grades

Appealing an Academic Regulation

You might experience a circumstance that could warrant a waiver of an academic regulation. Some examples of common appeals include:

  • Requesting to have a degree requirement waived, such as the writing requirement or the permitted number of outside electives.
  • Requesting permission to do two degrees concurrently, such as a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Engineering.
  • Requesting retroactive changes to your registration, such as dropping a course after the deadline has passed.

If you have questions about a grade or you are considering an appeal, meet with an academic advisor for assistance.

How to appeal a regulation

If you wish to appeal a regulation, you must complete your request in writing by filling out an Application for a Waiver of an Academic Regulation [PDF - 184 kB]. Make sure your arguments and expectations are clearly stated. Once completed, the waiver form can be submitted to the dean of your faculty or director of your school/college, as appropriate. Contact information for all of the faculties, schools and colleges can be found on the form.

How to appeal a final grade

If you have questions or concerns about a final grade, you are encouraged to to discuss them with your instructor. If the matter cannot be resolved informally, you can begin a formal reassessment process by filling out a Request for a Reassessment of a Final Grade [PDF - 246kB]. Make sure that you clearly identify the specific component you wish to have reassessed and the grounds for your request. Your completed request form can be submitted to the Registrar's Office with a fee of $50, which is refundable if the grade is changed.

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Once the reassessment is complete, you will be notified by the Registrar's Office of the outcome. If the reassessment results in the assignment of a new grade (higher or lower), the new grade will replace the original one and the $50 fee will be refunded.

For more information on the grade reassessment process, you should contact the faculty/school/college that is offering the course in question.