Student Health & Wellness Centre


Dalhousie and King's students have access to DALhousie's on-campus Student Health & Wellness Centre. The Centre is committed to providing certified quality primary and mental health care services to promote and enhance students' health. The Centre's interprofessional team includes: 

  • 注册护士
  • 医生
  • 社会工作者
  • 健康促进专业知识
  • 精神科医生
  • 心理咨询师
  • 心理学家

The Student Health & Wellness Centre is open

The Student Health & Wellness Centre is open, and appointments are available with 心理咨询师, 医生, nurses and DAL’s social worker. Many online and mobile resources are also available to support students from home. 学到更多 大约有什么变化,有什么用,您如何访问这些服务。