The Centre for Learning and Teaching is involved in a number of eLearning initiatives designed to support online/blended pedagogy, technology-enhanced learning, instructional design, and integration of technology with classroom practice.

eLearning is defined as “an approach to teaching and learning… based on the use of electronic media and devices as tools for improving access to training, communication, and interaction, and that facilitates the adoption of new ways of understanding and developing learning” (Sangrà, Vlachopoulos, & Cabrera, 2012, p. 152).


The eLearning team at CLT provides one-on-one and departmental consultations around online/blended pedagogy, instructional design, and integration of technology with classroom practice. The eLearning team at the CLT:

  • Consults around online/blended course design and development
  • Advises on the effective and pedagogical use of educational technology
  • Offers workshops on a variety of eLearning topics, including active learning, team-based learning, accessibility, and more
  • Supports and guides faculty with the creation of online course content and interactive learning strategies

In these pages, learn more about CLT’s work in the area of eLearning, including the campus eLearning Strategy, Online Quality Guidelines, and reports on surveys of technology use at Dalhousie

You can reach the eLearning team at the Centre for Learning and Teaching by emailing: elearning@dal.ca.


Sangrà, A., Vlachopoulos, D., & Cabrera, N. (2012). Building an inclusive definition of e-learning: An approach to the conceptual framework. International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 13(2), 145-159.